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Most people see the United States as a country of unlimited possibilities; they leave for their families for a better future for their children. The total number of Ukrainians and persons of Ukrainian origin in the United States is about 2,000,000.


Every year a large number of Ukrainians come to the USA for permanent residence from Ukraine. The main reason is the economic problems in the country. But in the complex history of Ukraine from time to time there are waves of refugees for political reasons. The proximity to Russia, military operations in the East, the unstable political situation makes many people think about tomorrow. Therefore, some people turn to the United States for political asylum.


Many Ukrainians apply in the hope of winning the Green Card Lottery or are considering other legal ways to immigrate to the United States. Today, a large Ukrainian diaspora has emerged in the United States, which supports native culture and preserves traditions. A large number of Ukrainians reach a high level and realize their potential in the United States.


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