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The United States of America has become a symbol of freedom for the whole world. Residents of a country where democracy is cut short by a totalitarian regime are looking at the possibility of immigration to the United States with hope. Today, Russia is one of those countries.
Many Russians see the United States as an opportunity to live normally and be themselves. Do not tolerate humiliation on national and religious grounds, openly express your opinion, look with confidence into tomorrow. In their own country, they can not afford it.
High-profile cases of persecution and the physical destruction of people disagreeing with the authorities in Russia are no secret to anyone. Powerful dispersal of demonstrations, the beating of journalists, and the pursuit of dissent have become the norm for this country. Not everyone can tolerate this situation.
Special attention should be paid to the persecution of representatives of national minorities and various religious organizations. Residents of Russia do not have the opportunity to protect their rights at the level of law and law. The law has become very selective.
Immigration to the United States is an opportunity to start a normal life for many people in Russia. Be free to be yourself and not afraid of persecution at every turn. Give your children the opportunity to realize the potential, and not to merge all life with the gray mass around.
To get political asylum in the US for the people of Russia is real. It is necessary to learn the American immigration legislation, to gather an evidence base of a threat to your life and security in Russia. Immipege knows how to help you. Qualified lawyers who are engaged in licensed activities in the United States will help protect your rights and obtain legal status for living and working in a free country.


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