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Freedom is a basic value for every person. In the United States of America, everyone can realize it. But in many countries the situation is simply deplorable.
For residents of Belarus, freedom of speech and religion is an unattainable dream. For many years in this country, opposition to the authorities simply does not exist. The world community has repeatedly expressed its concern about the dictatorial regime of Alexander Lukashenko.
The prohibition of political statements, unwanted power, there is at the level of legislation. Peaceful demonstrations and single pickets are tightly suppressed. The harassment of journalists does not surprise anyone. For disagreement with the policy of the ruling regime, you can easily lose your job and even go to prison.
Persecution on religious grounds is also enshrined at the legislative level. It is impossible to officially register an organization that has not been strictly censored.
Even business freedom is often violated. The whole world knows about the negative attitude of the President of Belarus towards members of sexual minorities.
This situation in the country becomes unbearable for many people. If your rights are violated, and it is impossible to find protection in your home country, immigration can be a salvation.
Political asylum in the United States is difficult to obtain, but possible. Gather all the evidence about the harassment, the threat to life, the inaction of the authorities for your protection. Contact Immipege attorneys who know US immigration laws and can really help you. A free life in the USA is a real path to freedom. We will help you pass it.


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